Séminaire de recherche et atelier «The Osteocyte Cells of Bone –The Gatekeepers of Our Skeleton»

2016 Faculty of Dentistry Advanced Research Seminar and Workshop Thursday April 14, 9-12 noon, followed by a light lunch Rm. 1090,...


POSITION SUMMARY:  Under the direct supervision of the Program Leader and indirect supervision of the Manager, Centre for Translational...


Extended Deadline from: August 31st to Friday, September 25, 2015

Results to be announced in November

Aim of program

The aim of this program is to enable researchers from different sites and sectors, to unite their expertise around specific research themes that could have a significant clinical or applied impact.

Following various consultations of their members and stakeholders in public health and public health dentistry, the directors of the RSBO, the Quebec Population Health Research Network (QPHRN/RRSPQ) and the Université de Montréal Public Health Research Institute (IRSPUM) identified a priority research theme for the call for projects.


  • Activity Report
  • Application
  • Evaluation grid

Period of financing

The subventions are granted for a period of one year. The grant may be renewed for 1 year, based on justification and depending on the available budgetary envelopes.


The scientific and budgetary overlap with other sources of financing is not permitted.

Research theme

The specific research subject must be clearly identified on the application.

Applications should focus on the following theme:

Accessibility to oral health care for vulnerable clienteles: feasibility, effectiveness and efficiency of different models of organization of care in the Quebec context

Eligibility criteria

  • The PI must be a RSBO regular member  and/or the RRSPQ and/or the IRSPUM;
  • Proposals should minimally group a member of the RSBO, a member of the RRSPQ and a member of the IRSPUM. These researchers must come from at least 2 Quebec universities and have different and complementary expertise;
  • A researcher who is a member of two or three of the networks cannot apply by himself(herself) on a request for funding;
  • A member may submit only one application for this competition, as a PI or Co-PI;
  • Researchers must reside in Quebec at the time of the use of the funds granted by the network.

Obligations of researchers to the program

By applying to this competition and should they receive funding, the researchers will commit to:

  1. Recognize the support of the RSBO, the RRSPQ and the IRSPUM as initial funding agencies in all publications (abstract, peers review articles, etc.) or poster /oral presentation resulting from this research;
  2. Produce a progress report on the date scheduled by the RSBO scientific committee. This report should summarize the status of the search results, including copies of articles published after this research. Assessment of this report will be a prerequisite for the renewal of the grant, if budgets permit;
  3. Participate to the RSBO, RRSPQ and IRSPUM annual retreat or scientific day as to keep all members informed of the ins and outs of the funded project;
  4. If applicable, notify the RSBO of decision from the granting agencies to which the project has been submitted.

Note: Failure to comply with these obligations may disqualify a researcher to receive funding from the RSBO, RRSPQ and IRSPUM until the situation is rectified.


  • Unless exceptional expenses are required (like for travelling for instances), a maximal amount of $25,000 per year can be granted;
  • Eligible expenses must be in line with the policies of the FRQ-S: http://www.frsq.gouv.qc.ca/fr/financement/regles_generales/regles_gen.shtml;
  • All sums must be spent on the date shown on the notice of grant.  In some exceptional cases, a maximum 6 months extension may be granted.

Required documents

  • The “Application  ̶  Major Structuring Project – Theme 5”  form completed ;
  • A copy of the biosketch of each researcher involved in the request ;
  • If applicable, a list of controlled substances used in the project and associated permissions ;
  • If applicable, a copy of the permit internal possession and use of radioisotopes.

The evaluation of the proposals will take into account

  • The scientific excellence;
  • The team’s interdisciplinarity and potential for intersectorial and interinstitutional collaborations;
  • Added value of collaborations / Partnerships (Health professionals, foundations, community partner, key players in health policy, etc.);
  • Anticipated benefits: potential for improving population health interventions, services, public policy and health / dental public health programs;
  • Leverage effect: the ability to attract partners and to obtain other sources of financing;
  • Sustainability plan: planning the development of the project beyond the 2 years of funding;
  • The description of a clear and realistic timetable: for each year.

The network will not commit to award a grant if the received applications do not meet both the requirements of the competition and the criteria of excellence.

Financing information

The envelope of $ 25,000 is jointly funded by the RSBO, RRSPQ and IRSPUM. Funding is provided for one year only, but there will be possibility of renewal according to the respective budgetary availabilities of the three agencies. A progress report will be required one year after the date of the beginning of the financing and renewal will be granted only if progress is deemed satisfactory.

General conditions  

  • Complete the application form available on the website of the RSBO, RRSPQ and IRSPUM;
  • The project must be in line with the missions and research priorities of the RSBO, RRSPQ and IRSPUM.


The application must be submitted in a single PDF file and sent to: admin@rsbo.ca 

The signatures of all researchers are required on the first page of the application and can be sent separately if necessary by email or to the address below, within ten days of the date of filing of the application:

c/o: Dr Arlette Kolta, Director

Réseau Recherche en santé buccodentaire et osseuse

Université de Montréal, Pavillon Paul-G.-Desmarais

C.P. 6128, Succ. Centre-ville,

Montréal, QC   H3C 3J7

Tél : (514) 343-7112