Impact Award



The RSBO network seeks to promote knowledge transfer and the access of credible information on social medias. The IMPACT AWARD will be given to any members who is first author on a high-quality journal and make a substantial effort to share it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc.). The jury will evaluate the applications based on 3 criteria’s: 1) the impact of their publication on social media (example: Altmetric score), 2) the reactions and comments generated from their post on the RSBO Facebook page and 3) the efforts put by the candidates to promote their paper on social media. The applicants are invited to share their publication on the RSBO Facebook page.

Any member can apply to this competition. A prize of $200 will be given with an opportunity to shoot a short video on the applicant’s research project. We will offer a maximum of 1 award per month.

Eligibility Criteria


  • Be a regular or a student member of the RSBO (be supervised or co-supervised by a regular member of the RSBO);
  • Submit a project consistent with the Network’s research priorities and in compliance with the ethical rules in force in the institution associated with the research;
  • Be first author in the proposed publication;
  • The applicant should share his/her publication on the RSBO Facebook page.
  • A maximum of one application per fiscal year per member is allowed. The member, however, can be co-author on a different application by another member.



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