Join an RSBO working Group!

Art & Science Group

Would you like to be part of an Arts & Science initiative?

This is a unique opportunity to have your research project exposed as a piece of visual art!

We are looking for scientists (trainees, researchers) willing to welcome an artist-in-residence in their lab or to help us in the organisation of exhibits/symposiums/workshops on the subject…

If you are interested to join this group, we will a) organise an information session to explain our ideas and receive your questions & comments, b) identify the people that are interested in working individually with the artists or to organize events related to the project (exhibits) and c) prepare an agenda of the next steps.

The RSBO expects the group to meet 1-3 times a year.

Please send an email at if you are interested to join our group.


To create a group dedicated to promote science education through Arts.

To create collaborations between RSBO members and artists.

To organize scientific and artistic events to the citizens of Quebec.


  • Advertise, interview and recruit an artist-in-residence to visit labs and create pieces of art related to RSBO’s research projects.
  • Facilitate the collaboration between the artist and scientists by organizing meetings, talks and group discussions.
  • To introduce scientists to creative thinking, artist to the scientific method
  • To provide scientists with tools to communicate their research projects clearly and efficiently.
  • Organize an exhibit for the public and for the RSBO annual research day.


Communication Group

Would you like to reach out more people on social media?

Whether you wish to advertise a new manuscript or any event, this group aims to optimize your visibility in social media.

Open to staff members, trainees and researchers, we welcome especially people who are very active on social media.

Let’s work together to produce a leverage effect on each other’s posts!

We will first meet to learn about each others’ goals and set a plan & event calendar. Once done, this will be only about reminders, sharing posts and liking each other! We might organize additional meetings if needed, to organize a workshop in communication for example.

Please send an email at if you are interested to join our group.


To facilitate knowledge transfer among students, staff, professors in and outside institutions.

To produce a leverage effect with every post, videos, events on social medias by working together and share important information to our list of followers.

To develop strategies to increase our visibility on social medias.


  • To maximize the impact of our member’s posts, events, activities on social media
  • Organize a workshop on communications with expert in social medias.
  • Achieve individual goals in terms of pages likes, post reaches on our respective Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. For example, the RSBO seeks to maintain or increase our post reaches in the range of thousands per post.