Support for conference organization


(One application per person / year)

Contest Deadline: open all year

support program for the organization of conferences. The amounts can be allocated as follows:

  • up to $ 4000 for a conference in Canada
  • up to $ 2000 for a conference outside of Canada

Eligibility criteria

  • A regular member of the Network for Oral and Bone Health Research should be involved in the organization of the conference;
  • At least two members of the OSNR will participate in this conference;
  • The OSNR is to be formally recognized as a sponsor at the conference;
  • The candidate must reside in Québec for the entire duration of use of the funds granted by the Network.


Submit a letter from a maximum of two pages describing:

  • The persons involved (including members of the network);
  • The conference details (date, place, title, guests / speakers, delegates, etc.);
  • How the money will be used.

N.B .: A copy of the program or any other document acknowledging the financial support of OSNR we will be transported by the candidates with the grant.

Applications must be submitted in PDF format (one single document per application) and mail to:

Andree Lessard, Ph.D.
Network for Oral and Bone Health Research (RSBO)