Micheline-Blain Award

Everyone will remember the relentless work of Doctor Micheline Blain to improve the quality of oral health care and her implication and support of the Network's activities. In recognition of her remarkable contribution, this award is given every year by the Network for Oral and Bone Health Research to a scientist, a clinician or an administrator for his/her exceptional involvement in the development of oral health care (quality of work, vision, influence, etc.).

The " Micheline-Blain Award" is usually presented at the Network for Oral and Bone Health Research's Scientific Day.

Recipients of the "Micheline-Blain Award"

2001-2002 : Doctor Jean-Paul Lussier - Université de Montréal
2002-2003 : Doctor Martin Payette - Université de Montréal
2003-2004 : Doctor Luc Trahan - Université Laval
2004-2005 : Doctor Eddie Chin Sun Chan - McGill University
2005-2006 : Doctor Arto Dimirjian - Université de Montréal
2006-2007 : Doctor Noëlla Deslauriers - Université Laval
2007-2008 : Doctor Jean-Marc Brodeur - Université de Montréal
2008-2009 : Doctor James P. Lund - McGill University
2009-2010 : Doctor Gilles Lavigne - Université de Montréal
2010-2011 : Doctor Jocelyne Feine - McGill University
2011-2012 : Doctors Jean-Paul Goulet and Mahmoud Rouabhia - Université Laval
2012-2013 : Doctor Paul J. Allison - McGill University
2013-2014 : Doctor Mervyn Gornitsky - McGill University