Jean-Paul-Lussier Award

The " Jean-Paul Lussier Award " was created in recognition of Doctor Jean-Paul Lussier's remarkable contribution to the evolution of the profession and the development and improvement of oral health care.

This award is given to a student that has distinguished himself/herself by the quality, clarity and originality of the presentation of his/her research work at national or international conferences. All students funded through the Network's "Student Conference Support" program will be automatically evaluated for this award.

The period covered by the award is April 1st to March 31st each year.

The " Jean-Paul Lussier Award " is usually presented at the Network for Oral and Bone Health Research's Scientific Day.

Recipients of the "Jean-Paul Lussier Award"
2000-2001 : Robert K. Hofbauer - McGill University
2001-2002 : Irina Strigo - McGill University and Maryse Brousseau - Université de Montréal
2002-2003 : Jeffrey Coull - McGill University
2003-2004 : Nelly Huynh - Université de Montréal
2004-2005 : Rima Wazen and Steve Dutil - Université de Montréal
2005-2006 : Katia Savignac - Université Laval
2006-2007 : Elham Emami - U de Montréal and Marc-André Dansereau - U de Sherbrooke
2007-2008 : Letitia Lim - McGill University
2009-2009 : William Addison - McGill University
2009-2010 : Gabriel Kaufman - Université de Montréal
2010-2011 : Akanksha Srivastava - McGill University
2012-2013 : Jean-François Denis - Université de Montréal